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Are you a beginning maker, ready to wade into the world of craft fairs and juried shows? Or are you an experienced maker who keeps hitting walls and can't figure out how to take your business to the next level? F!RSTHAND's Booth Camp is a series of workshops designed to give makers of all levels the opportunity to gain trusted business advice and new perspectives that will assist you in taking your creative business even further than you thought possible.
In addition to a great "Getting Started" workshop for new makers, we'll cover what's hot in product, packaging and booth design; offer "Market Day" tips and tricks to help you stand out from the crowd and maximize your selling potential at any market; and give you the marketing and advertising know-how to find new customers (who are already out there looking for you) to allow you to grow and scale your business.


1:30pm - 4:30pm  SUNDAYS









Lafayette Public Library, Lafayette Colorado
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Who needs
Booth Camp?
Any independent maker who is constantly learning, evolving and seeking to maximize their selling potential. Get your craft business in shape!
The Workshops


In the first Booth Camp session tailored for new makers, we'll discuss business formation, trade names, branding, social media and websites, as well as tips on pricing your work, photographing and cataloging your work, and how to apply to markets with confidence while standing out from the crowd. Finally, we'll discuss basic market needs: how to get started as an exhibiting vendor and basics on selling and engaging with your customers.



Simply put, the third workshop in the Booth Camp series is all about increasing your sales on Market Day! In addition to some basics about load-in, load-out and credit card sales, we'll talk about pricing signage as well as sales tips like how to engage with customers and how to create the most inviting booth to attract new customers. We'll also share our "Market Day Survival List" - the things you should never forget to do and bring with you on Market Day!



In your business, design means a lot more than just product design! Special attention needs to be paid to your booth, your packaging, your website, your business card, your photos, your signage, and more! But don't get overwhelmed - it's a lot easier to develop a solid brand program than you think. Once you do that, deploying it to all the elements of your business and maintaining brand consistency is easy. We'll show you how!



Marketing is easy, right? Just post on Facebook and Instagram and the customers will be impressed! Sadly, it's more complex than that and many vendors struggle with how to use social media to generate sales, interest and those elusive "likes"! We'll cover the basics of what to do, what NOT to do, and when to "boost" a post to turn a simple thought into a full advertising campaign. Also: how to deal with the concerns of a growing business, and how to scale production quickly when faced with big opportunities.

Booth Camp Pricing

PICK 1 workshop FOR only $39.

PICK ANY 3 workshops FOR $105.

ALL 4 WORKShops    $125.    


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