Art Night Out Lafayette

Do you accept booth sharing?

Beginning with the 2020 season, we do not allow booth sharing.

Do I need special permits or licenses to particiate?

While Firsthand does not make it a pre-condition of acceptance that vendor artists hold a retail license or applicable sales tax permits, all vendors must hold a valid and current sales tax license with the State of Colorado by the time of each market appearance, and each vendor is responsible for remitting all sales tax to local, county and/or state authorities. Please contact the Colorado Department of Revenue and/or the City of Lafayette's Finance Department/Sales Tax Division with any questions.

Am I required to carry business insurance?

While business insurance is a very smart move and highly encouraged when selling directly to the public - especially when faced with large crowds - we do not require vendors to carry their own insurance.

Can kid artists become vendors?

Yes! Kids of any age who take their art seriously and are ready to show publicly are welcome to apply for the standard market at any time. In addition, we are seeking sponsors to be able to offer an art scholarship to other young vendors seeking a public sales opportunity.

Can I have a booth in the shade? My products don't like the direct sun.

You'd be surprised at how many vendors make this request, and obviously we cannot accommodate everyone who does. With a limited number of booth spaces out of the direct sun at the beginning of each event, while we do our best to accommodate some of these requests, you may need to explore other display methods to keep your products safe.

When I will find out if I'm accepted?

Check our application deadlines, as it may take up to 2 weeks AFTER applications close before we send notifications of acceptance. We'll do our best to let you know as soon as possible!

Am I required to have a tent?

Yes. If you're unsure of what you need, get in touch and we'll fill you in on how to get a good, cheap starter tent.

Do you rent tents or tables for use during the market?

Sorry, no.

What if the market is canceled due to inclement weather, even at the last minute?

Due to Colorado's sometimes-volatile weather, all of our events are "rain, sleet or shine" events, with no rain days offered or refunds considered. Occasionally, due to extreme weather or wind, an entire event may need to be canceled or closed-in-progress (at the sole discretion of the City of Lafayette, who manages the event of which we are a part). In such an event, no rain day will be offered or refunds considered. For vendors concerned about this policy, we encourage you to discuss business-loss insurance with your insurance provider.

Will power be available for my lighting plan?

Sorry, no. The City of Lafayette does not allow the use of gas generators, and there are no other power sources available. We highly encourage the use of battery-powered LED lighting. Some vendors have been very creative in how they light their booths!

Can I bring my dog?

Sorry, no! Because this is a City of Lafayette event, we are governed by Resolution 2016-44, which allows only service animals at city-sponsored events. If you bring your dog, the City (not us) will ask you to remove it. See for further information.

Can I do live art/demonstrations in my booth?

Absolutely! We love when our vendors show off how they make what they make! Have a great idea for a live demo during F!RSTHAND @ Art Night Out? We'd love to hear it - we're currently looking for an artist per month to serve as our "artist in residence". In exchange for committing to embracing the public with their live art demo, they will receive a premium booth location (with extra booth space, if available) for FREE. Get in touch if you think that's YOU.

What are the fees associated with this event?

It is free to apply to Firsthand Market @ Art Night Out. Booth fees are $100 per event. After jurying has completed and you have received a notification of acceptance to one of our markets, you will receive payment information.


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