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Announcing Collage

 NEW signage

Firsthand is now requiring all vendors to display signage at their booths.

A pile of business cards on a table is not enough.
Imagine yourself as a shopper in a crowded market. While browsing the aisles, you see a vendor with beautiful work and you want to know more. Unfortunately, the vendor's booth is packe
d with shoppers, and you can't get closer. Moreover, the vendor appears to have a line of shoppers waiting to make purchases. You can't even see a business card on the tables that you could grab. Wouldn't it be nice if there was a sign hanging in the booth with the vendor's brand, contact info or even a scannable QR code?
Whether you invest in a high-quality, professionally-made sign of your name or art business logo, or print an inexpensive small vinyl banner at online vendors such as VistaPrint or 48 Hour Print, you are raising your booth game and making your brand visible to customers who may want to find you online later.

Signage requirements

Minimum six square feet (i.e. 2' x 3')
~ not very big at all!~
Vendor brand name and/or art logo
or social media @name or QR code

No hand-drawn signs


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No Booth Sign 1.jpg
No Booth Sign 2.jpg

Questions? Get in touch.

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