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Our vendors are our customers.

Why choose F!RSTHAND?


- This page introduces vendors who don't know us to what we do and why we do it. The goal of this page is to get them to trust us, like our Facebook page, and apply to markets.

- use several testimonials. Begin with Arturo's (see below)

- Infographic or cool way to display the best survey results from the Survey Monkey survey (don't mention that the survey relates only to the Winter market):

  • 70% of vendors had sales of "very good" or "excellent"

  • 100% of vendors said the events are "very organized" or "extremely organized"

  • Not sure how to use all of this, but it's all so positive that it would be nice to include: "steady traffic", "lots of shoppers", "very positive atmosphere", "well designed and thought-out; well-promoted and a great opportunity"; "organization and promotion of the event was outstanding"; "great people, great energy and attention to detail in the planning"; "it was really apparent that it was put on by people who care about their vendors!"; "you can honestly feel the love and dedication put into it"; "professional marketing and a very hospitable staff"

- Include inspiring photos and/or link to Photo Gallery

- include an inviting box with a link to our Facebook page with text imploring them to "LIKE our page for the latest updates, new market announcements and other sales opportunities"

- Include a few large "Apply Now" buttons; link to Apply Now page, not direct to the application

- link to our ANO page and/or any other market pages we may have active

Centerpiece Quote:

As a full-time artist, I have to get creative not only in the artwork I do so passionately but also in the ways I market my art and sell it as an art product. This year we did about 30 shows, most of them in the summer; a few in the fall and some in the Winter. Winter Wonder was one of them. We try to stay away from first time shows but with yours there wasn’t that hesitation because we have worked with you enough to trust that whatever you do has a lot of thought and heart invested. You care about what you do and that impacts all of us who follow you. Your team working, family oriented, vendor caring way of doing business is what appeals to us, all of those have a direct impact on the people who attend the events and ultimately in sales which is one of the strong motivators to us as vendors.​

- Arturo Garcia, Arturo Garcia Fine Art

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